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Kentucky Advocates Applaud State House Passage Of Regulations For Delta 8-THC And Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids

Kentucky Advocates Applaud State House Passage Of Regulations For Delta 8-THC And Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids


Attention Now Turns To The State Senate To Pass Regulations To Protect Children And Promote Industry Best Practices

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kentucky business leaders are applauding the passage of legislation in the state’s House of Representatives that would regulate products containing delta 8-THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids, keeping them out of the hands of minors and providing greater transparency on ingredients to consumers.

Local business owners and associations now urge the Senate to take up the regulations and pass them as soon as possible. The House passed HB 544 unanimously on March 9, and it is supported by Kentucky Hemp Association, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, and others.

“We have worked with other industry leaders and lawmakers to create viable regulations for hemp-derived products like delta-8 THC for the past two years,” said Jon Knarreborg, president of the Bowling Green company Dazed8, which has over 100 employees and sells hemp-based products to over 15,000 stores nationwide.

“Delta-8 and other hemp-derived products have created so many small businesses and helped so many people in Kentucky,” Knarreborg continued. “Our goal has always been to support the hemp industry in Kentucky, from farmers to processors, brands, and retailers. Creating regulations allows for the responsible use of products as well as creates transparency and safety for the public. We look forward to seeing the hemp industry thrive and grow. These regulations are a perfect step in the right direction.”

Time is running out for state lawmakers to enact important reforms to Kentucky’s hemp industry as the legislative session ends on March 30. Industry leaders argue these regulations would not only increase consumer safety in these products but also help destigmatize local small businesses across the supply chain, from farmers to retailers.

Katie Moyer, a long-time and well-known hemp activist in the state who is the president of the Kentucky Hemp Association and owner of Kentucky Hemp Works, said, “House Bill 544 is another step toward legitimacy for Kentucky’s hemp industry, especially for farmers and processors looking beyond CBD. While seed and fiber struggle to take off, hemp-derived cannabinoids are fueling growth, helping small businesses expand into other areas.”

“This legislation helps Kentucky farmers sell their crops and provides consumers with common-sense safety guidelines, but the ultimate goal is keeping it from being abused by children,” Moyer said. “The Kentucky Hemp Association will continue to rally behind House Bill 544 as it advances through the Senate.”

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